My Picks for the Top 10 Baby Products at Crocodile Baby

  1. Dutailier Melon Crib – $1,099.99

To start off our Top 10 Baby Products list, we begin the Dutailier Melon Crib. This crib has a retro-modern look that I like, is made in Canada with F.S.C. certified wood sourced in Canada and the Eastern USA, and comes with the extension kit to turn the crib into a twin bed. I have always had an issue with cribs that need you to purchase a conversion kit that turns the crib into a double bed. I’m not putting a 4 year-old in a double bed, it’s just too big for her. A twin bed fits a small child nicely and leaves room for a story telling chair in the nursery.

  1. Sleeptek Rubber Mattress – $439.99

We want your babies to avoid ingesting off-gases which may well be harmful to their development. Hence we searched for an organic mattress with no petrochemical products at all in the mattress. This mattress is composed of Certified Organic Natural Rubber, Certified Organic Wool (from Peru!) and Certified Organic Cotton. That’s it, no plastic products to off-gas. The mattress is breathable and comfortable for your baby. It does need to be protected from liquid, so you do need to buy a mattress protector – we recommend Sleeptek’s Crib Moisture Pad, made of wool, which is waterproof

  1. Amber Teething Necklace – $19.99

Continuing my top 10 list for baby products, this has product has been one of my top picks for a long time. Amber is a petrified tree sap that possesses (somehow) a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory when worn around the neck. These properties reduce swelling and pain of the gums when you baby is teething. Sounds like hokum? We thought so too, until we were convinced to sell this product by a friend. Now, 10,000 customers later, we are amazed at how well this works. Hundreds have come back for a 2nd necklace because they had lost theirs. The necklace (or rather 2 put together) is great for teenagers suffering from pimples and for anyone who suffers from too many cold sores. This necklace is NOT for chewing on.

  1. Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat – $449.99

I really like the way the solid base with its rigid latch system goes into the car. Not only does it easily give a completely tight fit without pulling on the straps, the system seems to always put the base at the proper angle for a new born baby – a big problem when installing car seats. The seat itself is considerably lighter than any of its competitors, which means less effort when carrying it. But the best feature? When you put in car seat adapters (to allow you to put the car seat on the stroller of your choice) you DON’T have to take them out to return the car seat to its base in the car. This means you won’t lose your adapters (An under-rated problem but I have data to show that about 30% of adapters get lost and are re-purchased. Uggh). These three big features outweigh the supposed drawback of not being able to use the infant seat without the base – I never used our infant seats without the base, so problem solved.

  1. Woolino Sleepsack – $109.99

This quietly classy modern design for a sleep sack is good from 2 months to 2 years old. While it may be a little more expensive at the start, you won’t have to buy a 2nd sleep sack at 6 months, making the total cost of the Woolino lower (prior to 2 months, use the Ergococoon for semi-swaddling). Merino wool is a temperature regulator, so your baby is warm in a cool room and cooled down in a too-hot room (anything above 23 degrees Celsius)

  1. Bamboobino Hooded Towel – $35.00

Starting off the second part of my top picks for baby products list, I choose the Bamboobino Hooded Towel. Almost any hooded towel is great because it snuggles the baby up out of the bath, smelling all clean and wonderful. This hooded towel is made in Canada and of super soft bamboo-based rayon (70%) and organic cotton (30%). The owner, Sharon, is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who has been successful across Canada for more than a decade. This product is great, necessary, and the price is nice compared to its competitors. GO LOCAL!!

  1. The Little Penguin Finger Puppet Book – $10.99

Parents can have fun with the finger puppet while reading to their baby, and the baby can develops motor skills while trying to figure out how to put his finger in the puppet and move it around. This is a fairly complex intellectual achievement for a small baby, so while you are being patient with them, you can show off your skills with the puppet. A great, inexpensive way to have involved play with your baby. Any animal will do – I like the butterfly a lot too.

  1. The Stokke V6 Xplory stroller, plus matching Pram Accessor $1,399 + $467.00

The stroller is elegant, minimalist, and different from other stroller designs. Made in Europe, not China. The baby sits up high facing towards you (or outwards if you like) so that he/she is involved in your conversation, leading to faster socialization of the baby. Did you know babies begin to actively acquire language skills starting at about 3 months? By 6 months they are voracious learners. If you speak another language, talk to your baby in that language and he/she will learn it for the rest of their lives. The stroller is also super smooth and agile, with plenty of room to swing your legs while walking. Once in a restaurant or café, turn the baby to the table, drop the handle and put the brake on – and voila, you have a high chair that will adjust to the height of any table or counter.

  1. The Monte Como Glider & Ottoman (Walnut base in Sky Blue linen fabric) $1,595.00 + $585.00

While I love our other gliders and rockers, the Como is profoundly comfortable with its extra back cushion filled with angel hair fibres. One just sinks into the chair for any posture and glides back and forth with their legs up on the gliding Ottoman. Don’t buy it just to soothe your baby, buy it to soothe your life for the next 30 years. Really, really comfortable. Made in Canada – I’ve been to the factory so I know this is true. GO LOCAL!!

  1. Perch Bunk Bed by Oeuf – $1,995.00

Now your child has grown out his crib/toddler bed, is getting ready to go to school for a good part of the day and the room where he sleeps has surprisingly not increased in size. The Perch Bunk bed offers an elegant, minimalist solution with two beds or one. While it takes about 4 hours to build, the end result is a rock solid piece of furniture that your child (and you) can climb all over. Made in Latvia, using Latvian beech wood.

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