Travel Bag

UPPAbaby makes travel bags for its stroller and carseats. Why get excited? Because the bag extends your stroller’s 3 year warranty! This is how it works: if you have your stroller inside the UPPAbaby travel bag and the airline damages the stroller or parts therein, UPPAbaby will provide a new stroller or parts under warranty, even though it is not a manufacturer’s defect; and Crocodile Baby will put the parts on for free! Now you will not have to sing this song if your stroller gets trashed:


The bag itself is nicely padded with big carry handles and wheels so you can roll it around airports. All stroller travel bags create spaces around the stroller, so their is always room to pack additional small things into the various corners and spaces in the bag. Buying and using the bag is a bit like buying a travel insurance policy for the stroller, while making the transport of your stroller a lot easier. These travel bags are available now at our stores or at

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